About Qwerty.dev

Qwerty.dev (formerly beautifuldingbats.com) is a collection of unicode tools to help you stand out online.

Why I made Qwerty.dev

Qwerty.dev started as an experiment. The idea was simple. It would allow you to change the fonts used on social media, the when someone asks you how you did it, you’d send them the link to this site.

It worked pretty well.

How do the tools on this site work?

Using Unicode, you can find a good description of what Unicode is and how it works on the fancy font generator page.

How does qwerty.dev make money?

At the moment qwerty.dev makes money through google adsense — ads placed on the site by google. Though not a lot.

This means that if you use this website outside of the EU or California, then google is tracking you. So feel free to use an ad blocker, I don’t mind.

What happened to beautifuldingbats.com?

Qwerty.dev used to be called beautifuldingbats.com.

It was mostly the Unicode tools you see on it today, but also had a couple of other tools, most notably a Pattern Generator.

I decided to split Beautiful Dingbats into two seperate sites. One just for Unicode Tools (qwerty.dev).


Feel free to contact me with any ideas, bugs or just to say hi.