Backwards Text Generator

Generate reversed or mirrored text to use in your social media posts, bios, instant messages, browser tabs, and just about anywhere online.

How does the backwards text generator work?

Turning text backwards is simple. A small bit of code that reverses the order of the letters you type.

How does the mirrored text generator work?

Unicode is the standard encoding for all computer characters. It a global agreement on how our devices render the symbols for all languages, math, and even emoji.

The mirrored text generator replaces the roman alphabet with symbols with other uses. So long as those characters look like the reverse of the roman characters.

Where do the mirrored unicode characters come from?

There are no unicode characters defined for mirror writing. But most letters have a similar backwards version used in a different writing system.

Some roman characters are symetrical and already look the same backwards. These ones stay the same. Many of the other letters are swapped with symbols from the international phonetic alphabet (IPA).

The IPA is a set of symbols used by linguists to describe the exact sounds of spoken languages.

Use the table below to see which letters the tools swaps out.

Origin of replacement
a ɒ Latin Small Letter Turned Alpha — part of the international phonetic alphabet (IPA)
b d just the letter ‘d’
c ɔ Latin Small Letter Open O — part of the IPA
d b the letter ‘b’
e ɘ Latin Small Letter Reversed E - part of the IPA
f ʇ Latin Small Letter Turned T — part of the IPA
g ϱ Greek Rho Symbol
h OCR Chair — part of a set of characters used for electronic scanning
i i doesn’t change
j Canadian Syllabics Caa — part of a writing system for indiginous Canadian languages
k ʞ Latin Small Letter Turned K – part of the IPA
l l stays the same
m m stays the same
n n stays the smae
o o stays the same
p q the letter ‘q’
q p the letter ‘p’
r ɿ Latin Small Letter Reversed R with Fishhook – part of the IPA
s ƨ Latin Small Letter Tone Two – used in various obscure phonetic alphabets
t ɟ Latin Small Letter Dotless J with Stroke – part of the IPA
u u stays the same
v v stays the same
w w stays the same
x x stays the same
y γ Greek Small Letter Gamma
z z no reasonable backwards ‘z’ could be found, so it stays the same
A A stays the same
B Canadian Syllabics Carrier Kha
C Ɔ Latin Capital Letter Open O
D Canadian Syllabics Carrier Tha
E Ǝ Latin Capital Letter Reversed E
F Latin Epigraphic Letter Reversed F
G Lao Letter Wo
H H stays the same
I I stays the same
J Canadian Syllabics Ca
K Lisu Letter Kha
L Reversed Sans-Serif Capital L
M M stays the same
N И Cyrillic Capital Letter I
O O stays the same
P Canadian Syllabics Ke
Q Ϙ Greek Letter Archaic Koppa
R Я Cyrillic Capital Letter Ya
S Ƨ Latin Capital Letter Tone Two
T T stays the same
U U stays the same
V V stays the same
W W stays the same
X X stays the same
Y Y stays the same
Z Z no reasonable backwards ‘Z’ could be found