Snowflake Symbols
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…and other Winter and Christmas Unicode Characters.

Snowflakes were added to Unicode as part of a set of dingbat symbols based on the designs of Herman Zapf. If you we’re around in the early days of the internet, you’ll remember these as Zapf Dingbats, Webdings, or Wingdings.

Snowflakes have been available as text symbols on computers since 1993 — so you can be sure they’ll render correctly anywhere online. Use this page to copy and paste snowflakes, winter emojis, and snowflake-like symbols.

Snowflakes, Asterisks
and similar shapes

There are only three snowflake symbols availble in unicode, but lots of similar shapes.

Mahjong Winter Tile

Mahjong is an ancient chinese game played with tiles. Just like playing cards, chess pieces, and dominos, Mahjong tiles were added to Unicode to help people write about the game. One of those tiles has a snowflake on it.


Snowstorm Generator

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Winter Emojis

Christmas Emojis



Traditionally around Christmas time, westerners drag a fir tree into their home and decorate it with plastic balls. This serves as a brief distraction from fighting with their families.

But now humanity has entered the digital age, this ritual is being replaced with a new one. Increasingly children and adults alike partake in the new tradition of decorating their snapchats, myspaces, and twitters with winter and christmas themed emojis.


Father Christmas Emojis

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Mother Christmas Emojis

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